Band bio

Hierophantom was formed in the winter of 2009 by guitarist Oddie Olsen. It lingered in limbo as a revolving-door band for a long time, but has finally grown into shape.


Hierophantom consists of Adrian ‘young blood’ Wangberg on vocals, Oddie Olsen aka Oddie Van Hillen on guitar, Lars Overmars on bass, Ketil Storheim on hammond and Shay Ponsonby on the drums.

Each band member brings his own unique flavour of musical influence to the group. The music is energetic and melodic, and often dark and moody in certain arrangements.

Over the last few yeast the band has played in front of large audiences and private performances, in venues such as Månefisken and renowned Gamla in the heart of Oslo.

«We are very keen to play more regularly and find representation who can help us find work and promote Hierophantom. The music is fun to play and the response has been amazing, so we just want to get out there and play » say main songwriter and guitarist Oddie Olsen.